Aerobie Sprint Ring – 10″


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• 10″ Diameter
• Soft rubber edges for comfortable catches
• Patented high performance design
• Perfect for backyard, park or field
• Thrilling game of catch for 2 or more players
• Colors may vary

The Aerobie Sprint Ring features a compact, thin design that creates longer distance flights, traveling twice as far as most conventional flying discs! This flying ring is great for playing in the backyard, park, or school playgrounds. Stash it in your backpack for pick-up catch games with friends anytime. The open center allows each player to personalize their throwing and catching style ‚catch the edge with your hand or use the center to catch it with your arm or foot. Create your signature moves with Aerobie flying discs! The Aerobie Sprint Ring measures 10 inches in diameter. Available in assorted neon colors. Sold individually. Note: This disc does not float in water. Ages 7+.


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Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 14 × 16 in