Champion Spark Pickleball Paddle – Blue


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• Champion Spark Pickleball Paddle
• Polymer core
• Composite face
• Smooth no-slip grip
• Meets USAPA guidelines for competitive use
• Handle Length: 5″
• Weight: 6.7-7.0 oz
• Height: 15 5/8″
• Width: 7 3/4″
• Color: Blue

The Champion Spark Paddle is an unassuming paddle that holds surprising speed and reactivity in its design. The composite face and polymer core combo lend themselves to a control-oriented feel that gives players extra time to react to their opponents and determine ball positioning. The Spark’s light weight makes it particularly dangerous at the net, where it shines due to its fast handling. The face maintains enough width to make it forgiving when aiming for the sweet spot. The Champion Spark Paddle uses a small grip that can be adapted to players of all sizes. It features a smooth, no-slip grip that will help you maintain a firm hold during use. The handle length is 5″ and the weight is 6.7 ‚7.0 oz. The great price point of this paddle makes it extra appealing to newbies just starting out, although it offers plenty of value and meets USAPA guidelines for competitive use. The Champion Spark Paddle is the perfect buy for those who want a valuable, well-rounded piece of equipment that will improve their reaction times.


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