Numbered Micro Mesh Vests (Adult) – Gold


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• 100% Nylon micro mesh fabric
• Lightweight and breathable for comfortable wear throughout a game
• Neck and arm holes offer full range of motion
•Comes in Youth or Adult sizes
•Available in4 Colors
• 12 vests, numbered 1 thru 12

These Practice Vests easily separate players into teams for group sports, makingthem a great addition to any youth recreational league or physicaleducation class. Featuring a 100% nylon micro mesh fabric, these youth scrimmage vests are lightweight and breathable, ensuring sweat does not accumulate throughout gameplay. These vests offer players a full range of motion, ensuring they can play at the top of their game. Available in 2 sizes and 4 colors. 12 vests, numbered 1 thru 12.



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