Sof Tug Tug-Of-War Rope – 50

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• 100% cotton rope for a soft, tugging surface
• Engage kids in competitive activities with this rope
• Designed for use by elementary-age children
• Rope has a tag to identify the rope center
• Measures 1 in. in diameter
• 1″ Diameter
• 50′, 75′ or 100′ lengths

The colorful Sof’ Tug tug-of-war rope is the “easy on the hands” alternative to manila ropes. These 100% cotton ropes reduce rope burn and splinters associated with manila ropes. Diameter is 1″. Great for team building, gross motor development and strength. Each rope has a tag to identify the rope center.



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Weight 7.3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in