Fox 40 Electronic Whistle

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• Utilizes a push button, which offers a hygienic solution for multiple operators
• Provides a loud, clear and consistent sound every time
• Give verbal commands without a whistle in user’s mouth
• Three distinct tones that can be aimed inspecific directions

Loud, consistent sound every time! Electronic whistles make it easier for referees and coaches to give verbal commands without a Whistle intheir mouth, yet with Whistle sound always “at the ready” to stop play or practice.The 125 dBFox 40 Electronic Whistle provides loud, clear, consistent sound every time you push a button. The hand operation is a hygienic solution that can be used by multiple people. Includes detachable wrist lanyard and 9-volt battery. Great for coaches, teachers and intramural sports! 4 switch three tone function design. Sound Power: 125 dB.

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