Ground Zero 1″ Onside Kick-Off Tee

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• 1″ Onside Kickoff Tee
• Authentic Ground Zero Tee
• Most popular tee in college football
• The textured top surface, makes gripping the ball more securely
• Forward rectangular recess holds the ball at an optimal angle
• Special notch supports the ball with its tip on the ground for onside and squib kicks

Add more variety to your kicker’s arsenal with the Ground Zero® 1″ Onside Kick-Off Tee. The durable kicking tee has a special notch that allows kickers to support the football with its tip on the ground for onside and squib kicks. The textured top surface holds the football securely in place, while a forward rectangular recess sets it up at an optimal angle. The onside kick-off tee is based on the original Ground Zero® Tee which has been used in the NFL® since 2000 and has been featured in Super Bowls® and Pro Bowls® .