Lacrosse Barrier – 20′ x 8′

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The CHAMPRO MVP Portable Barrier is an oversized screen that’s easy to incorporate into training routines for almost any sport. Softball, baseball, lacrosse, soccer teams and more can all find a way to improve their existing drills or add new ones. Save time and energy for practice by collecting overthrown balls, or divide the practice area and clarify boundaries while protecting athletes. Made of interlocking steel tubes, shock-absorbing fiberglass poles, and a heavy-duty net, the MVP Oversized Barrier withstands intense daily workouts by athletes of any age and skill level. The durable fiberglass poles connect to the 20-foot wide base and absorb impact to stay upright during practice drills. Secure the frame with stakes (included) to further enhance stability and lock down the net in windy weather conditions. Pushpin-connected steel tubes make assembly and take down easy, so you can put it up or pack it away in minutes. Due to the immense size of the screen, at least 2 people should work together to set up this barrier. Includes a convenient polyester carry bag for transport and storage.