Rubber Bumper Seat – Red

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This swing seat is designed for enhanced safety and comfort, with an extra piece of fluted rubber at the front and back of the seat that serves as a cushion bumper. The seat dimensions are 24 inches by 6 inches and 11/16 inches thick, or 30 ¼ inches from hanger to hanger.

Made with EPDM rubber, this swing seat resists crazing, cracking, and oxidizing. Unlike natural rubber, which often wears off on children’s clothes and cracks over time, EPDM rubber is specially designed for our swing seats and lasts longer. It also holds up well in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

The swing seat is equipped with galvanized steel triangles and steel plates that are riveted to the seat with galvanized rivets. The triangles are welded together for added strength and safety, and the plate is 1/16 inch thick and made of stamped galvanized steel. The seat insert is made of 1075 rounded edge steel, which is full hard, painted with a non-rusting adhesive, and coated with rubber that is ¼ inch to 3/8 inch thick. The edges of the insert are rounded to prevent injuries from sharp edges.

Our swing seats are made to the highest standards available, with hidden safety features that are not present in other supplier’s seats due to the added cost. We believe that these features benefit the strength of our swings and the well-being of the children who use our equipment.

Under optimal conditions, this swing seat should last up to 5 years, even in harsh weather conditions. However, please note that some conditions may require replacement sooner. The seat has a tensile strength of 3100 lbs.



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