Scatter Ball Game

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• Great game to get the whole class exercising and having fun
• Builds key skills such as throwing, catching, aiming and more
• Scatter ball is made of soft foam to prevent injuries
• Features 18 multi-colored wristbands, one 6 inch foam Scatter ball and game rules
• Sold as a set of 19 pieces

ScatterBall is non-elimination dodgeball! Each of 6 players gets 3 color-coded wrist bands. The 6-sided foam Scatterball is tossed in the middle. The person whose wristbands match the color dot on top picks up the ball while the others “Scatter”. If the thrower hits a player that player gives up a wrist band. If the thrower misses or if the targeted player catches the ball, the thrower must give up a band. Set includes 18 color-coded wrist bands, 1 foam ScatterBall and rules.



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