Small Slipp-Nott Set (Base + 60 Sheet Mat Set)

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The most popular traction system available. The Small Slipp-Nott is used by many colleges and high schools for both home and away games. The Small set consists of a Small Base (18″ x 19″) and small 60 sheet mat (15″ x 18″). The higher sheet count mat with carefully precisely formulated adhesives means longer sheet life and less frequent mat changes. Features and benefits: Small Set weight: Gross -7 lbs.; Net Wt – 6 lbs. ea; Sheets per game: 2-6 sheets depending on the condition of the floor; Base is molded out of high impact ABS and then finished off with a molded, high friction, long lasting, high visibility rubber bottom that keeps it from scratching the floor or sliding on it; The mats are replaceable; All mats have an adhesive that increases tack by 10-12%.; Mats are thick “no-tear” sheets with strong tack and easy to remove last sheet (the sheet that is used to stick the mat to the base).