Speedminton Fun Speeders – 3 Pack

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• Speeder for shorter distances and recreational play
• Suitable for beginners, children and for training purposes
• Top Speed: up to 160mph
• Distance: 15ft to 65ft
• Each tube includes 3 Fun Speeders and 1 wind ring

The FUN Speeder, with its red skirt, is the lightest of all Speeder types. It is the perfect beginner Speeder, suitable for children and training purposes. Compared to conventional shuttlecocks the Speeder is smaller and heavier. This allows a game over long distances, regardless of wind and weather. The Speeder from Speedminton® are exclusively produced in Germany using only high-tech synthetic recyclable materials from Switzerland making it environmentally friendly. Fun Speeders travel up to 80 ft and speeds up to 160mph. Each tube includes 3 Fun Speeders and 1 wind ring. NOTE: Color/Graphics may vary.



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