Voit Playground Ball – 6″

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• Voit
• 2-ply rubber cover is
• Perfect for a wide range of low-impact activities, such as four square
• Textured design makes the ball simple to catch, grip and throw
• Plenty of bounce is ideal for various playground games
• Great for children working on ball-handling skills for more advanced sports
• Available in 6 in., 8.5 in., and 10 in. sizes
• The most widely used playground ball in the country!

Young athletes can join their friends for exciting games of four square, many low-impact activities and more with this Voit® Playground Ball. Perfect for recess, gym classes and backyard get-togethers, this playground ball has a 2-ply, textured rubber surface, making it easy for kids to catch, grip, throw and bounce the ball. This ball is a great way for little ones to learn the fundamentals of low-impact sports or practice ball-handling skills for other sports, such as basketball or soccer.



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